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The ITV service

The main objective of the ITV inspection is to check that the vehicle's general condition and vehicle safety features are kept in minimum maintenance conditions to allow this vehicle to continue driving without representing a danger to the occupants or to any other person or item on the road. There are also checks to ensure the vehicle meets the minimum requirements of environmental protection.

Inspections follow a set of technical criteria described in "Manual of ITV station inspection procedure"

When you come in for an inspection at an Applus+ Iteuve station, you get your ITV inspection while receiving the best service and ensuring that your car complies with the necessary levels of safety and environmental protection for responsible driving.


Inspection request:

When you arrive at your local Applus+ Iteuve station, you must first go to the offices with the vehicle's documentation where our staff will be happy to assist you with the vehicle inspection.


We'll measure the levels of toxic emissions and, in the case of motorcycles and mopeds, noise levels to ensure they do not exceed established limits.


The headlight tester will allow us to review the maintenance condition and setting of the vehicle lights to allow safe night driving.

External condition of the vehicle:

Checks will be performed on the maintenance condition of elements such as plates, mirrors etc...


Using the suspension inspection device we will inspect the efficiency, state and balance of the suspension while the vehicle is running.


Using the brake tester controller we'll inspect the balance of the brakes.

Clearance detectors:

Using the plates, we will simulate the movement of the vehicle while running.


The pit allows us to gain a detailed look at the axles, the chassis, the brakes, the steering and suspension of your vehicle.

End of the inspection:

Once the inspection has been completed, we'll go over the results with you. If it went favorably, we'll give our the report and ITV sticker. If there are serious or very serious defects, we will tell you about them, the repairs required and when you should return.

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