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When do I need to do my ITV inspection?

First periodic inspection:

The first periodic inspection depends on the vehicle type and its date of registration.
You can view the frequencies here: Frequency

The date of registration can be found on the registration certificate.

registration certificate

Following periodic inspections:

To check the expiry date of its previous periodic inspection (before which you must go to your inspection center):

  • Handwritten on back of ITV card:
Handwritten on back of ITV card

  • On your previous periodic inspection report:
previous periodic inspection report

  • You'll find the month and year of the next inspection on the ITV sticker on your vehicle:(the notch indicates the month, while the middle number indicates the year)
ITV sticker

These are the license plates of cars that must undergo their first inspection during the months of 2017.

  • January: From HNL to HNT
  • February: From HNV to HPC
  • March: From HPD to HPN
  • April: From HPP to HPY
  • May: From HPZ to HRK
  • June: From HRL to HRW
  • July: From HRY to HSJ
  • August: From HSL to HSS
  • September: From HST to HSZ
  • October: From HTB to HTK
  • November: From HTL to HTV
  • December: From HTW to HVF

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