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Here you'll find the most frequent ITV questions and their answers. If you don't find the answer to your questions, please go to ITV under Applus+ Iteuve at your service.

The law

Why is the ITV inspection mandatory?

Scheduling the inspection visit

When do I have to have the first ITV done and how often I have to have it done after that?

Why do I have to schedule an ITV inspection?

If I show up at the station without an appointment, can I have the ITV done immediately?

Business hours

How can I find stations nearest me? What are their business hours? How do I get there?

I received the letter and I don't have vehicle.


What documentation do I have to take to periodic ITV inspection?

Sample ITV card

Sample Registration Certificate (old version)

Sample Registration Certificate (new version)

How long I can go without undergoing the ITV inspection without risk of being penalized?

Can you get the inspection at a station in a province other than the one the vehicle is registered in?

Technical specifications

What is checked at the inspection?


What do I have to do if I have lost the ITV card?

What should I do to legalize a hitch?


If I want to change the vehicle's tires without making a major modification, How I can know which tires are permitted?

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Direct access

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